Gallery Guide

Janice Rubin is an award-winning Houston-based photographer specializing in corporate and editorial photography. These galleries feature photographs from assignments and personal projects.



Candid and graphic, these poignant editorial photographs open the viewer to unimagined perspectives on the world



Over four decades of experience in the field and expert location lighting result in compelling images that effectively communicate the client's message and exceeds expectations.


Business Portraits

Photos that show honor and respect, and capture the humanity of the subject.



Creative and intimate portraits with strong emotional content.


Project: The Refuge

These photographs of immigrants were accompanied by the stories of their journeys to America. Pictures and stories combined to explore the lives of people who are often seen as "the other". It is based on work created for the Houston Grand Opera's 2007 production entitled The Refuge (2006-present)


Project: In Season - Dallas Debutantes 1994

Throughout my career as a photographer, I have sought to study and document the social rituals created by families and communities. The traditions which connect individuals to their peers and their past are also the things by which they define their own identity.


Project: Riot and Ritual

This portfolio (1974-1989) was created as part of a fifteen-year study of my large and eclectic extended family. After many years of photographing the family at reunions and celebrations, my camera became an unobtrusive observer as cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents shared stories, songs, gifts, meals and family traditions. These photographs express the emotional struggles - and also the bonds - that often exist between the generations.


Project: Women on the Verge

Emotionally charged portraits examine the spiritual landscape of women of many ages, each poised at the brink of a new stage of life. This project (2004) continues my quest of using my camera as a means to explore issues of identity and personal history.


The Mikvah Project:

The Mikvah Project begins with underwater photographs that exquisitely capture the intimate, sensual, enigmatic nature of this now-modern rite. It continues with a series of emotionally-charged, anonymous portraits of interview subjects that do not reveal faces, but reveal something about their lives. Women interviewed for The Mikvah Project speak about the role mikvah plays for them in a number of universal feminine areas such as struggles with body image, the promiscuity of an era, and dealing with issues such as childbirth, infertility, menopause, illness, trauma, and sexual abuse. The images are paired with key quotes from the interviews, some of which can be viewed at


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