Good Works

This is the time of year when I do the work of returning – returning to my best self, to my core values, to meaningful work.

It seemed an auspicious time to discover this 1993 project that highlights the inspiring story of Elmer Earl Harper, who was honored with an award for “Achievement Against the Odds.”

The award was presented by The National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise to individuals who, when faced with challenge or adversity, saw opportunity to improve the quality of life for their neighbors and communities.

Mr. Harper faced overwhelming trauma and adversity in his life, but his response was to choose to make meaning out of his life, and to improve life for others.  I was so moved by Mr. Harper’s story when I had the opportunity to photograph him. Now a quarter century later, I am pleased to help sustain the ripples of good work that he created in his lifetime.

Photography by Janice Rubin.